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Why . Dairy Meeting

Why the name “Strategic Dairy Meeting”?

Although often abused, the term “Strategic” is decisive for the way we are going to build the economy of dairy farms in the near future.

We chose this term because Strategic is that long-term action plan used to define and coordinate actions that want to achieve a purpose, a predetermined objective. It refers to a practice of human action that is not the immediacy of things but the ability to see beyond today, something higher, more meaningful.

The word strategy derives from the ancient Greek term stratēgia (στρατηγία) which means “art of the leader of the army“. This concept refers to something that has a “superior value” compared to an action that is not strategic, something that goes beyond what is normal ordinariness of things.

If we refer to the Homeric epic literature, which remains the foundation of our Western culture, the figure of Ulysses is emblematic of this way of acting. The action of Ulysses is strategic as it “goes beyond” what constituted the normal way of fighting hand-to-hand of which Homer speaks about the clashes to the death, for example, between Achilles and Hector.

The action of the “divine Ulysses” is in the wake of an intelligence, of an ability to see the world that is the “construction” of a new way of acting, of a stubborn “patience” in view of a higher goal.

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