STRATEGIC DAIRY MEETING 2021february 16/19 – virtual edition

Many farmers have made a huge effort in recent years to improve and make their business more efficient. In many cases it was a path in which one’s professional training was seen as central to being able to make growth and investments in one’s business in a rational and conscious way. They understood the complexity of their role and have personally bet on improving their skills as the best service that could be rendered to their business project.

Often these were paths that involved the whole family; very frequently the dynamics of the market have led these farmers to seek an increase in the size of their business. The structure of their business has become more articulated and complex to manage: the need to share the same vision of this path within the family, build a solid work team with more people involved – both internal and external – to devote more time to the related aspects to the positioning of one’s business on the territory, in one’s community due to its socio-economic impact.

Strategic Dairy Meeting 2021 builds on these considerations to offer a new professional training experience to all those who feel part of the milk industry of the future. Four afternoon sessions, from 16th to 19th February 2021, with 14 speeches by speakers of proven competence and international experience to address the universe of dairy farms in all its complexity.

Designed for farmers, the Strategic Dairy Meeting 2021 program includes important topics in its agenda also for veterinarians, nutritionists and professionals in the dairy industry.

Management of relationships between members of the family business, risk management tools related to the price of milk, control of the food center to turn it into a profit center, Outlook of the global milk market for 2021, relationship with banks in the processes financing, new paradigms in the role of veterinarians and nutritionists, management of critical phases for the health and productivity of cattle, economic value of the longevity of dairy cattle are some of the themes that will be developed during the Strategic Dairy Meeting 2021.

It will be a virtual event as we are getting used to knowing in this era of COVID 19 but which will also be a very interesting experience of virtual visit to a high-level farm in the American Midwest.

Watch the program for a complete view of Strategic Dairy Meeting 2021 and be sure to be an active part of this training event.
We are waiting for you!!!

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