STRATEGIC DAIRY MEETING 202116/19 febbraio – virtual edition


Alta Create Value, Build Trust, produce Results. Our “core business” is genetics, but our work has progressively evolved, moving towards creating value with genetic progress and producing results that increase income.We follow the farmers who choose Alta in all the management aspects of the dairy cow cycle and we provide the programs, products and above all our best people, creating a relationship aimed at improving the efficiency of their farms in the long term.
Alta, the first choice for progressive breeders all over the world!


Ferraroni Mangimi S.p.A., is a historic company, leader in the production of high quality feed for cattle, dedicated to all stages of development. Always committed to research and with the help of modern technologies and the best natural and traceable ingredients, it offers innovative solutions enhanced by an excellent technical assistance service to respond every day to the challenges of the most demanding cattle breeders.


Granda Team manufactures and supplies animal wellbeing and solutions that boost productivity for companies operating in the agribusiness sector. At Granda Team, we work together with breeders on a professional and economic development path where we offer operational solutions and a dedicated service to our clients. Moreover, our Granda Team specialists, thanks to the TRANSITION 4.0 programme, are able to assist dairy farms during their most decisive moments by developing efficient operational protocols which are backed up by the latest screening technology that implements innovative herd monitoring systems.


Rota Guido s.r.l. is the leading Italian company in the livestock and renewable energy sectors. Since 1964 we have been manufacturing facilities, equipment and technologies for the breeding of cattle, buffaloes, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry and tunnels, with direct production in our factories. We are specialized in the supply of integrated zootechnical centers with customer assistance both in the preliminary consultancy phase, for the study and correct evaluation of the investment and possible credit access solutions, and during the design and implementation phases up to the assistance service. biological, electrical, mechanical and cogenerative after-sales.


Total Dairy Management (TDM) is a company based in Brescia (Italy) and present on the market as a reference point for milking and management of dairy farms. TDM milking systems, which are fully made in Italy, are born from the experience in the application of cutting-edge technologies and from the will of offering to farmers innovative solutions which are suitable to every need. We also provide with a wide range of equipment: herd management systems, milk cooling systems, ventilation and cooling systems, milking robots, feed-pushing robots and automatic feeding systems, but also solutions for the management of calves.


Arienti, founded in 1970 by Giancarlo Arienti, leader for innovation and attention to animal welfare. In 1989 another intuition: cooling animals for their well-being; Paolo Arienti participates and obtains a certificate “On the fundamental principles of air conditioning” at Carrier Italia SpA headquarters. This allows him to learn new knowledge about cooling and microclimate that arienti applied in dairy cattle farms. In 2008, Paolo Arienti presented the first BigFan, introduced in diary cattle farms, with blades tested and certified by Polytechinc of Milan (University), in the Wind Tunnel. The bigfan of Arienti offers a modularity that allows to satisfy any kind of need. In 2016, was born a very important collaboration with Prof. Flamenbaum that gives life to “Elements Program” which again brings the company to a leading position in terms of production results, welfare and optimization, for a constant thermoregulation of the animal throughout the production cycle in order to maintain the welfare and ensure the results.


Lely, founded in 1948, directs all its efforts towards creating a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in farming. Focusing on the cow, the company develops premium robotics and data systems that improve animal welfare, flexibility and production on dairy farms. For more than 25 years, Lely has been a leader in the sale and service of automated milking systems to successive generations of dairy farmers across the globe. With the dedicated Dairy XL team, Lely is a reliable partner for long-term advice and support for large dairy farms with over 500 cows.


The goal of Sugar Plus is to bring back into the farm the benefits of fresh grass – high palatability, diversified sugars and organic acids – that are part of the natural diet of ruminants. Our liquid blends aim at promoting a better rumen environment and improving animal performance thanks to their unique palatability, strong binding power and significant effect on the rumen digestibility of farm forages. This is our daily job and we do it with passion and reliability.

Allflex Livestock Intelligence, part of MSD Animal Health, is the world leader in the design, development, manufacturing and delivery of solutions for animal identification, traceability and monitoring. Our solutions empower farmers to act in a timely manner, to safeguard their animals’ health, while achieving optimal production outcomes for a healthy food supply.

MSD Animal Health / Farmaceutici Gellini

MSD Animal Health is committed to preserving and improving animal health and welfare with a wide range of veterinary drugs, vaccines and solutions.
We believe in prevention: 80% of the portfolio consists of vaccines, as the result of a continuous commitment in R&D to fight various diseases, including zoonoses.
We debunk fake news by delivering correct information to health professionals, consumers and association to always protect everyone’s health.


We are an Italian industry with more than 40 years of experience in production of high-quality and digestible feed, unique in shape and characteristics. We carry out continuous animal’s nutrition research, collaborating with leading institutes, ensuring that our feeds are always the most innovative and efficient. We study the specific nutrition for various animal species including ruminants, pigs, horses and pets.



Allevatori Top is the magazine for dairy farmers, written together with the actors of this business, directly in their stables. A newsmagazine where innovation is at home, to become increasingly efficient and competitive.


Since 1997, ExDairyPRESS is the only international press review on dairy cattle breeding, published in Italy, addressed to dairy farmers and to all the professionals of the dairy industry.
It is a bimonthly publication, where many interesting articles on dairy farming – in all its various aspects, from nutrition to health – appeared on some of the most important foreign magazines as well as the reports and papers by the most prestigious universities and scientific organizations, are selected and translated into Italian. Intended for those aware that information and constant updating are the cornerstones to achieve a professional level of excellence. 


Informatore Zootecnico is an editorial system aimed at professional cattle breeder that focuses on innovation. IZ is a magnifying glass on technology, on genetic improvement, on new research acquisitions, on renewable energies, on the processing and transformation of milk and meat. In each issue of the magazine you will find a large collection of articles on cattle breeding, a dossier on a major technical problem and a large series of contributions on the fundamental topics of animal husbandry.

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