STRATEGIC DAIRY MEETING 2021february 16/19 – virtual edition

Cristian and Paolo met each other when they started the degree course in Agriculture Science at University of Milan, thirty years ago. They shared a good part of their university career and their friendship and mutual respect date back to those times.

After graduating, Paolo began working in medium-large size farms and continuously he worked with Cristian as consultant. Due to the desire to share their point of view and exchange wide-ranging opinions, in 2015 they began organizing a series of training meetings, which over time have become a true reference point for the national dairy industry.

Strategic Dairy Meeting is the new page of this experience.

Paolo Grendene

Paolo Grendene

Grown up as a farm kid in the small family farm, he started his agricultural studies in Milan with an interest in viticulture and phytopathology, but soon shifted his interest towards dairy farming. After graduating in 1999 he began working in Lomellina for the Costarossa herd where he tackled the operational issues of work in the barn as a herd manager. In 2007 he realized his American dream by moving to Northern California, where at Brentwood farms he takes care of the hospitality barn, the calving area and the show cows. At that time he was also commissioned to hold professional training courses for Mexican workers. Returning from the USA in March 2008, he joined the Cirio agricola restructuring project, first as general manager and then as CEO from 2014. In 2018 he enrolled in the EMBA course of MIP and graduated in June 2020. Last December he left Cirio agricola.

Paolo Grendene


Graduated in Agricultural Sciences in 1997 at State University of Milan. After graduating, he started working as nutritionist in the dairy cows technical service for Granda Zootecnici. In 2013 he obtained his PhD at the Doctoral School in Animal Nutrition of the State University of Milan with a research on forage quality improvement bio-technologies. Since February 2016 he created a own company – Alliance Dairy Consulting – for independent consultancy in the dairy industry. In 2019 he started the degree course in Philosophy at the State University of Bergamo. Over the years his work has focused on various aspects of dairy cow dairy farms: nutrition, management, cow comfort and animal welfare; in recent years he has also devoted himself more frequently to the records analysis and economic-financial evaluation of dairy operations. His nutritional and economic-financial consultancy activity is currently focused on medium-large size farms. He also involved in training courses as well as technical-economic consultancy to other operators of the dairy industry both in Italy and abroad.

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